About Judy Anderson
Judy Anderson is a Healing Empath and Intuitive Medium. She is a Facilitator of Healing Energy coming from The Soul Level. She believes that besides everyday toxins and nutritional deficiencies our emotions can cause issues with our health and leakages (or leaks) within our energy fields. Even our pets reflect back to us, as well as our relationships with others. Our pets are our Spiritual Teachers. They are like a sponge, showing us emotional issues within the home and any health issues. Always show them Deep Gratitude for what they do for you.

Judy has been schooled in the following Healing Modalities: Esoteric Healing  -   Medical Qigong Therapy  -  Mayan / Usui Reiki III  - Shamanic Ascension

She is a life long student of: The Divine - Alternative Medicine and Healing - Angel Medicine - Emotional Disturbances and Health - Ascension through Orbs - Feng Shui and Health - Natural Relief Products - Vibrational Medicine - Staying in Alighnment - Animal Reiki - Teachings of Alice A. Bailey and Caroline Myss

Her Readings and Healing are Sacred and you will only hear The Positive and The Empowering.  

"I thank all those who have
reflected back to me about
myself and the teachers who
have shown me the lessons.
I Am very thankful for the
Beautiful Souls that have been
there for me sharing their
Knowledge and Guidance
and for giving me the support
I needed to step up."
~ Judy Anderson

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