Empathic Energy Healing
Judy Anderson offers Empathic Energy Healing. Her healing sessions are designed to clear energy blockages and restore life force energy. No two sessions are alike, as Judy follows the instruction of her Spiritual Guides, always with intentions for the highest good. It is in this way that we  re-establish your soul connection and life force energy that is so vital to life.

Healing can be done remotely, in Judy's Healing space or at your home. If your session is remote Judy requests a recent picture sent via email. She may use Sage, Crystals, Oracle Cards, a combination of Healing Modalities or what she is guided to do. After a healing session she asks that you drink warm water for several days to help with the detox and that you spend time with yourself in peace.  Judy might suggest a Crystal, a Natural Relief Product or a Medical Qi Gong Therapy. If you have any questions please call her to discuss it.

LoveTo inquire and arrange your healing session with Judy please contact her at 239-560-0946 or you may Email Judy for more info.

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