Success Stories

" Judy, I love the Pendant and Selenite!  Thanks so much.  ~ Anita

"Thank You Judy for the Crystal you chose for me. I keep it in the window next to my Angel facing the door and it works! Love You." ~ Kristy.

"Judy, after I read the meaning of the Crystal you chose for me I was in shock. It was perfect for what I was experiencing, how could you know?  Thank You. " ~  Shelly.

"After a Trance Healing and Prayer for an overweight dog who had no energy and looked very ill. Within several months, he lost 16 lbs., his eyes are bright, he has a happy expression on his face and a lot of energy. I have The Deepest Gratitude." ~ Judy



LoveWe are also very pleased to offer a variety of sacred gifts and products for inspiration and to enhance your spiritual practice. Please check back often as we are always  adding new treasures. Contact Judy for more info.

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